Enjoy the best skiing in the world in Canada. Live unbelievable experiences and leave your footprint on the best snowsurrounded by a unique atmosphere accompanied by two great companies such as Calafate Ski Center and Ski Arias, the true snow specialists.

Why CMH?

There is no better place on the world to practice Heli-ski other than Canada with CMH. The heli-ski inventors offer the most complete programs and best places of the planet. We were the firsts to choose so we chose the best places with a big variety of incredible terrains, endless slopes and an incomparable snow on the legendary mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

During summer the CMH Summer Adventures programs are perfect for a family holiday filled with activities or to let adrenaline out on its ferrata routes, zip wires or practicing rock climbing with professional help.

Hereunder you will find some information that vouch it:

  • 50 years of experience (remember: CMH invented the Heli-skiing)
  • 11 locations of perfect snow, with an area equivalent to 40% of Switzerland’ surface
  • Many programs so that we can adapt to your level
  • A team of more than 100 guides with an average experience of 12 years who have been subject to a really intense training right before the start of the season.
  • 2 helicopters in every lodge. (No one can replace a helicopter as fast as we do)
  • 44 chefs distributed along the 11 lodges. A whole cuisine team at your service
  • Every business’ obsession is to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and contribute to the development of the communities where these activities take place.
  • And, above all, SECURITY: in every lodge you can find a guide who analyses the snow conditions and chances of an avalanche, develop a study of the snow and avalanches that have taken place throughout the years and that is going to be shared by universities and public institutions using the most modern ARVA tools, radio and safety backpacks.

For us, the most important information is: 70% of our clients that have repeated vouch our methods and this highlights that we are doing things well although our main objective is to keep on improving each and every trip to make it an unforgettable experience. The ambiance generated in our lodges is unique.

CMH Heli-Ski Canadá

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